Designed in three stages for an ultimate dry weather flow of 14 500 mu00b3/day [3 200 000 MGD] for the City of Bulawayo. It comprises conventional works consisting of screens, grit channels, comminutor, primary sedimentation tanks, biological filters, humus settlement tanks, slow sand filters, chlorination, primary and secondary digesters and sludge drying beds. All effluent is used for irrigation of the Cityu2019s Parks. In a recent foreign aided project which included a review of the City of Bulawayou2019s sewage works it was described by a visiting specialist Public Health Engineer, as the best sewage installations in Bulawayo in design, construction quality and operation Llewellyn Barracks, Bulawayo u2013 Activated sludge sewage treatment plant and consists of horizontal flow grit channel and screens, aeration basin, clarifier, return activated pump station, sludge drying beds and effluent pump station. The effluent is sold to a local farmer.


Dry Weather Flow
City of Bulawayo
Buluwayo, Zimbabwe
Sole Consultants responsible for project management, design and supervision of the project.