Phase I
The general purpose of the consultancy was to:

  • Manage rehabilitation works that lead to further restoration and stabilization of water supply and sanitation services in six urban areas of Harare, Chitungwiza, Mutare, Masvingo, Kwekwe and Chegutu (serving an estimated Population of 4.15 million) resulting in an Increased capacity of the six Municipalities to Operate and manage these services. GKW Consult and itu2019s local Sub-Consultant BCHOD, known as the Implementing Entity (IE), prepared the design and tender documents and executed construction supervision services;
  • Identify modifications to the systems either in process or control that positively impact on the municipal systems;
    Manage the repairs and rehabilitation of critical water supply installations including pumping stations, electro-mechanical works, treatment plants, and distribution system. (Directly or through Consultants having first-hand knowledge and experience of the works
    and contractors to be identified and contracted);
    Manage the repairs and rehabilitation of the sewerage system including critical trunk and outfall sewers, booster pump stations and the works and contractors to be identified and contracted);
  • Develop and manage the institutional capacity building technical assistance consultancy having the purpose to improve the overall corporate governance and financial sustainability of the services and boost the operation and maintenance capacity. (Implemented through specialist consultants to be identified and contracted);
    Develop and manage the Investment Plan Consultancy required to produce a medium to long term investment plan for the Municipalities. (Implemented through specialist Consultants, to be identified and contracted);
    Enlarge the sanitation and hygiene component should be the IE early on in the project execution;
    Serve as Secretary to the Project Steering Committee (PSC) and play an important role in ensuring the PSC fulfils its project obligations;
  • Benchmark all service delivery levels before the rehabilitation works starts and carry out a detailed economic evaluation based on the data collected;

The works were implemented over a period of 18 months starting in January 2012 with a 12 months Defects Liability Period. The six Municipalities covered by the
project were the direct beneficiaries of the project. Due to the urgency of the project and special circumstances in Zimbabwe, the project was implemented through an independent Project Implementing Entity (IE) and Procurement Agency (PA) on behalf of the GoZ. The objectives and the targeted investment were met.

Phase II
The project objective of Phase II was to rehabilitate water supply and sewerage infrastructure in the towns of Harare, Redcliff, Chitungwiza and Ruwa in Zimbabwe, where close to 2 million people would benefit from the rehabilitation distribution lines, one water treatment plant, 4 sewerage treatment plants and 9 pumping stations. The project duration was planned for 27 months starting in July 2014. GKW Consult and its local sub-consultant BCHOD are to provide similar services as in Phase I. The objectives are the targeted investment and to intervene in critical aspects of the water and sanitation infrastructure and services. Funding was secured for both phases by Zimbabwe Multi-donor Trust Fund managed by ADB.

Project Hightlights


Municipal Areas

[4.15 million]

Population served
Contract Value
Phase 1 US$29.651 million
Phase 2 US$30 millionn
2012 - 2016
Harare, Chitungwiza, Mutare, Masvingo, Kwekwe and Chegutu, Zimbabwe
Sole Consultants responsible for project management, design and supervision of the project.