Major feasibility study concerned with the production of methanol from coal at Sengwa.u00a0 The process specialists were Messrs. Badger and our role was the total infrastructure.u00a0 The alternatives considered were to place the methanol plant either at the coal deposit or in Kwekwe and the comparisons required a transportation study related to road, rail and pipeline transportation of coal and the locating, siting and costing of the industrial and mine complex with associated domestic accommodation.u00a0 In the option of producing methanol at Sengwe a dam of major size and an airport were required. Investigation into provision of bulk water supplied for Tiger Reef, Arcturus and How Mines. Design and Supervision of Dams at Mazowe, How and Athens Mines. Investigations and report into augmentation of water supply scheme for Mvuma/Athens Mine including study of associated dam.

Contract Value
1980 -1981
Co. consultants